We provide an extensive range of detailing services, from full paint restoration and protection to annual maintenance washes. We endeavour to treat every customer and vehicle with the same care and attention that we lavish on our own cars, and take great pride in the number of customers who return to us, year after year.

To provide the most personal service possible, all our detailing packages are quoted upon viewing the vehicle. This gives us the opportunity to examine the paint carefully and talk you through the various options available, be it a wax or sealant, ceramic coating or paint protection film. Rest assured, we never try to sell you a product you don’t want or need.

Enhancement Detail

This is our entry level package, consisting of a one stage machine polish to breathe life back into tired paintwork, adding much needed gloss and shine. This is not a correction detail, and as such will not remove deep swirls or defects. Enhancement Details usually take 1-2 days.

Paint Correction Detail

This is a more in-depth detailing option, consisting of multiple stages of careful machine polishing to achieve outstanding results. During this process, numerous paint depth readings are taken to ensure we maintain the integrity of original paintwork. A Correction Detail is an effective solution to removing swirl marks and deeper defects caused by poor wash technique. It is important to remember that there are still limitations on what can be corrected, which is why we always carry out a thorough examination of the vehicle when preparing your quotation. A Correction Detail requires at least 3 days to complete.

New Car Protection

To give your new purchase the best possible start, we have created the New Car Protection Detail. Designed to ensure all exterior and interior surfaces are protected from day one with our hand-selected market leading products, this package includes a single stage machine polish to ensure any coatings we apply achieve their maximum durability. This detail requires 2-3 days, and we strongly advise that all factory wrappings are left on the vehicle, and no valet or wash procedures are undertaken by the dealership.

Valet Packages

Our valet packages are ideal for maintaining your freshly coated or detailed vehicle. From basic maintenance washes through to our Ultimate Valet, which is a full interior and exterior deep clean and also includes a luxurious layer of carnauba wax, we have a valet to suit any budget.