A dedicated process for vehicle detailing, paint correction restores and delivers a pristine finish and presents a great first impression.

As time goes by the paint on your car can deteriorate and you may notice some imperfections such as water spots, swirl marks, oxidation, scratches and other defects that can appear on the surface.

This is due to a number of human error factors such as poor washing techniques, general wear and tear and the outdoor environment.

Our effective services enhance the paintwork’s condition by erasing or minimising these defects and bringing to life the clarity and shine of the paint.


Using our industry skill and expertise, we use the finest tools and high-quality materials to transform your vehicle’s paintwork. With much experience in paint correction, we showcase our attention to detail and ability to work on a vast variety of models and pride ourselves on the services we provide.

It’s our mission to achieve outstanding correction detail to effectively remove swirl marks and deeper defects.

Enhancement Detail – An entry-level package that deploys a one-stage machine polish which improves the paintwork gloss and shine.

Paint Correction Detail – A full package option that consists of multiple steps of delicate machine polishing the paint to remove deep swirls or defects.


A thorough process from start to finish, we ensure meticulous measures are carried out whilst your vehicle is in our care. This involves several steps carried out by our dedicated team to provide a high-quality seal of approval.

Assessment – A professional detailer will inspect the paint to identify the surface defects. At this time numerous paint depth readings are taken to ensure we maintain the intercity of the original paintwork.

Preparation – The car will then be washed and cleaned to remove any existing debris and dirt which may contaminate the new paint.

Polishing – It’s time to remove the imperfections with our specialist polishing machines, pads and compounds to gently abrade the clear coat.

Finishing – Once the paint has been corrected a fine abrasive or finishing polish will eliminate any fine scratches or micro-marring to refine the surface.

Protection – For the finishing touch we add a protective layer of coating to provide long-term protection and enhance the depth and gloss of the paint.


Why is paint correction necessary?

We all want our cars to look as good as new, but there may be times when the paintwork has faded or you’ve noticed some scratches or swirl marks. To protect the value of the car and boost its overall look, paint correction helps to maintain and improve its original aesthetics. It’s important to have a professional inspection carried out by Glos Detailing to see what damage has been caused and what solution we can provide to reduce any further defects.

How long does a correction detail take to complete?

Depending on how severe the correction detail is, we advise that full paint correction detail works will require at least three days to complete. Meanwhile, enhancement details usually take between one to two days.

How long will the results last?

Once the car paint correction detail has been completed there are varying factors as to how long the results will last depending on how well you maintain the paint and any further measurements applied afterwards. Our knowledgeable team are always on hand to provide expert guidance on how to keep your vehicle looking fresh.

How much does paint correction cost?

As each vehicle we work on is unique from one to the other, we carry out a comprehensive examination of the vehicle to provide an honest quotation before work is carried out. Although we aim to assist you with all matters, there are some limitations on some challenging corrections.


Exclusively accredited by Gyeon, Titan and XPEL, Glos Detailing is an award-winning detailer with a leading reputation in the industry for providing new and loyal customers a service that not only guarantees a high level of customer service but also care and attention to your car.

For over ten years we have been trusted to transform the paintwork of a wide range of vehicle models and improve the overall aesthetic with outstanding results. Using high-quality materials from elite manufacturers, rest assured that your car is in good hands.

From your first enquiry, we’ll discuss the process, provide an honest quotation and offer tailored advice for your situation.